Banksome Group is made up of highly talented, diverse and motivated people who are dedicated to re-defining the business of construction, real estate and property management, Renewable Energy and energy efficiency in Nigeria.


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Easy way to calculate your possible savings by changing from your actual PHCN/Diesel
power supply to a 24/7 uninterrupted power supply based on gas generator power plant.

Headquartered in Lagos Nigeria and having presence in the United Kingdom and China, the company has developed a good business relationship with a vast network of experts around the world.

Banksome Renewable Energy (BRE) is a sustainability consulting firm founded on the principle of always doing the right thing for our clients and the environment with a practice dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

With energy being an essential and integral driver for the technological advancement and infrastructural development of any developing nation, BRE implements practical solutions for clients who are interested in renewable technology, want to reduce their carbon footprint, energy consumption and associated costs by offering our specialist advice.
Our expertise and working partnerships are expansive and diverse and we can advise on renewable technologies, environmental and waste management, sustainable transport and other green matters in addition to offering a full series of training, seminars and presentations for our corporate clients, businesses and religious bodies, educational establishments, local, state and federal Governments and the general public.

At BRE we know our clients require specific solutions unique to their individual needs, which is why we are committed to providing today’s most comprehensive yet affordable renewable energy efficiency programs, systems and technologies, with outstanding financial benefits. We identify high-value opportunities, deliver strategic plans to generate growth, create and deploy strategies to address critical challenges, and transform the businesses of our clients.


A growing body of research evidence is challenging the perception, still held by many that sustainable buildings are significantly more costly to design and build than those that simply adhere to regulatory requirements. Research by the SweettGroup [4] into projects using BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), for example, demonstrates that sustainable options often add little or no capital cost to a development project. Where such measures do incur additional costs, these can frequently be paid back through lower running expenses, ultimately leading to saving over the life of the building.


In these days of uncertainty and soaring energy prices globally, it is vital to keep operating expenses to a minimum. Reducing unnecessary expenditures such as a portion of utility costs may just be the difference between companies that weather these difficult times and those which do not survive.

We can provide the solution with our comprehensive range of energy audits enabling you to tailor our services to your individual needs. Conducting an energy audit and analysis for your building will help you identify areas where energy savings can be made. Our audits determine the key energy drivers of your business, analysing each unit of equipment and its consumption in your organisation.

Due to the direct relationship between energy, carbon emissions and costs, our detailed energy audit will point the way to the reduction of your energy costs by in some cases in excess of 50 %. This will enable you implement energy, money and carbon saving initiatives and reduce your total overhead costs.

BRE understands that energy is essential to businesses and that optimising energy consumption is vital for maintaining a competitive position in your industry.


Energy sources that are perpetual or self-renewing, guarantee a secure supply, thus minimizing dependency on outside energy suppliers. At the same time, use of renewable energy cuts emissions of carbon dioxide, thereby addressing environmental concerns.
If you are planning to install renewable and hybrid energy systems to produce electricity, let us help you with our cutting-edge green technology and energy conservation solutions. We provide renewable energy/energy conservation solutions, installation, services and advice on micro-generation projects at all stages of development.

We know you need a reliable professional who can take a realistic approach, which is why we offer feasibility and design solutions for all major renewable energy technologies, and also provide you with the help you are looking for which will take your project from conception to operation.

BRE is well positioned in the renewable space as a valued and trusted source of emerging green technology placement. We work closely with you ensuring that the difficulties and confusion that can be encountered when considering the feasibility, design and application of renewable and hybrid technologies through to the installation of the system are eliminated.
Due to our relationships with technology start-ups, private equity firms, venture capitalists and integrators of technology, we are familiar with the process of taking a high-tech product to market. BRE is totally committed to providing a complete service to our clients when installing renewable and hybrid energy technologies.


Our list of clients include United Bank of Africa (UBA), Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank), First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Eco Bank, Asset & Resource Management (ARM), Lagos State Electricity Board, Multi Projects, Hitech Construction, Redeem Camp, Christ Embassy Church, Lagbus Asset Management, Ajumogobia&Okeke (Law firm), Afromedia Plc, First Aluminium Plc, Ikoyi Club, Armarch Consultants, Department of Petroleum Resources amidst many others.