Global Insurance Broker Ltd: Knowledgeable, friendly staff that can empathize with our consumers’ needs and circumstances, especially when dealing with loss.



Banksome Global Insurance Broker Ltd is a market leading brokerage organisation providing General, Health and Life Insurance Business in Nigeria.

With over 25years of expertise Banksome Global Insurance Broker Ltd is a privately incorporated company under the corporate law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the organisation is licensed to transact Life, Health and General Insurance by both the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCIRB) and Nigerian Insurance Commission (NAICOM).We are dedicated to providing Insurance product/services that deliver quality protection with value pricing.

BGIB Ltd emerged from Anthony Somefun Ltd established in the UK over 12 years ago, with its practitioners collectively having over 25years of experience in the insurance brokerage industry. BGIB Ltd has grown over the 7 years it has been established in Nigeria acquiring hundreds of members and still rapidly growing as one of the leading insurance brokerage firms in the country. Our clients are also market leaders in the economy, we work with organisations such as;First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Guaranty Trust bankPlc,NestoilPlc and Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc.

At Banksome Global Insurance broker Ltd we act as an intermediary between clients, (either individuals or commercial businesses/organisations) and insurance companies. Dissimilar to other insurance companies, we work for our client (you) and not the insurance company.

As a Broker we use our expertise and knowledge to identify risks and help our clients find appropriate insurance policies and organise suitable and the best value insurance coverage. At Banksome Global Insurance broker Ltd, we are with the client every step of the way and will also be of assistance in the event of a claim being made and will liaise on our client’s behalf. We offer free consultation (on client’s financial budgets, concerns and requirements) and face to face services as we understand telephone communication may not benefit the client in the case of confidential matters (pertaining to health/ life insurance claims).

Company Structure And Objectives

Banksome Global Insurance Brokers Ltd has a compact team of qualified insurance professionals that provide effective and efficient services to its clientele on a timely basis. Our team provides quality service and offer competitive prices with added benefits for our service users. BGIB Ltd aim to continue to be the number one insurance broker in Nigeria and establish good working relationships with our present and prospective insurance markets.

Advantages of choosing BGIB LTD

• Client focus
• Exceptional Service
• Competitive premiums
• Overall professionalism and expertise.

Keys To Success At BGIB Ltd

Knowledgeable, friendly staff that can empathize with our consumers’ needs and circumstances, especially when dealing with loss.

Offer policies that meet and/or exceed the expectations of our clients, and that are affordable, accessible, and fathomable.

Provide an efficient service whereby policies and endorsements are delivered on time.

Our Guarantee at Banksome Global Insurance Broker Ltd;

-Help Members source sustainable and high quality care from Insurance providers.
-Assist Members process claims when required.
-Advice Members on new changes and or modifications in their plans.
-Advice Members when a plan change is required based on theirspecific needs.
-Assist Members on pre-authorizations for treatments and hospital visits based on their health plan. (Medical Insurance)
-Advice on benefits entitlement and utilization of same.
-Advice Members in locating nearest medical provider locally and abroad.
-Assist Members with pre renewal negotiations.
-Assist Members with the completion of all application forms associated with their memberships.
-Advice Members on existing and new benefits changes to their various plans.