To be a leading conglomerate with a clear focus on innovation, excellence and continuous improvement.

Our core values are deeply embedded in Banksome DNA


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At BankSome we are committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value and client satisfaction.The following outlines how BankSome seeks to conduct itself internally as an organization, externally as a company, and as an ongoing active member of the local community.

We strive to meet and exceed our client’s expectations to foster long term partnerships.

We value our staff and create an enjoyable work environment which allows personal fulfillment that leads to a loyal and productive workforce.

The Business
We use value engineering, effective & efficient business practices and hard work to deliver projects we embark on.

Our core values are deeply embedded in BankSome DNA

We are driven by our commitment to doing things right at every given time, protecting and promoting the reputation of Banksome. We are honest and act with integrity at all times. We do not tolerate unethical behaviour; we challenge it as a matter of personal responsibility, regardless of the person’s position in the organization.

At BankSome we employ high levels of professionalism in our work and reward merit. We engage the most appropriate skills and competencies, continually seeking opportunities to improve through innovative and time efficient approaches. We work collaboratively towards our common goal of delivering value for money. In addition, at BankSome we share our knowledge of best practices with colleagues at all levels to enhance the quality of our services.

We take initiatives and full ownership for our decisions and their outcomes. We take responsibility for our actions and deliver what we say we will do – you can trust us to deliver.

Client Satisfaction
At BankSome we make sure that each person who seeks our services is treated with personal respect, courtesy, compassion and sensitivity.

We are keen and driven to always striving for excellence and quality in everything we do. The BEST is what we stand for at all times.