Corporate Compliance/Governance

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“Doing Business from the I-PACE perspective”


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Corporate Compliance/Governance

corporate_governanceIn order to fulfil social expectations and trust, and to achieve recognition for its value to society, BankSome believes that, in addition to complying with the laws and regulations, it is essential for BankSome Group employees and executives to conduct business from high ethical and moral standards through the practical implementation of the corporate philosophy, “Doing Business from the I-PACE perspective”

Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, Client Satisfaction and Excellence are among the founding principles at the heart of BankSome Group. It follows, therefore, that business ethics and compliance matters are the centre piece of the firm’s modus operandi. BankSome’s leadership team is made up of professionals who have each served in the highest ranks within the United Kingdom and Nigerian’s Construction, Financial Services and Real Estate Sector and have a combined experiential knowledge of over 2 decades.

The firm has proactively established and maintains a robust, comprehensive corporate governance policies, necessary training mechanisms and rigorous and adaptive compliance programs so as to detect, deter and resolve non-compliance matters. Not only does the firm maintain high ethical standards in all its transaction, it is also fully aware of administrative and legislative policies that could ensnare its business operations as a result of non-compliance.

BankSome’s strong corporate governance and compliance program protects the company and its executives from potential criminal and civil liability as well as time- and resource-consuming investigations. The compliance program also sends a message of proactive dedication to ethical best practices and diligent compliance that may help mitigate compliance violations – and attendant charges – arising in the future, regardless of best efforts.

The BankSome team intimately understands both the benefits and costs associated with the necessary compliance measures and takes great care to account for the company’s valuable time and resources in its business operation.


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